The beginning

The challenge to survive life is one we all face. Life is just never what you expect it to be. All the “if only’ s”, “what if’s” and “should have’s “are the pulling forces that holds us back to get the most out of our few years on this planet. Then there is also the “one day…” or “just wait till…”, which never happens. Why keep on putting off the start this life before it runs out?

In my life it started when I was exposed to a few of my friends who became “terminally ill” (Whatever that may mean!).  Most of them died. But in all of them I noticed an almost fanatical grasping of life in its fullness. As if they realised that life is running out and they should consume what is left before the waiters come to take away the leftovers. They made it look so obvious. Why go through life expecting death every day, if you can live today as if life has no end?

This is the lifestyle of one who chooses to become terminally well

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