Sustainable energy

The source of energy needed for life, does not lie in vitamins and food supplements. True sustainable energy is generated on the spiritual level of your existence. We tend to think that the body, through all its processes creates the stamina to survive life. Not true.

Too many people I know are stuck with bodies that cannot provide healthy levels of performance power, yet they live as if they have an eternal source of renewable energy. That is the sure sign of a healthy spirit. They know the formula.

The secret of an energetic, meaningful life is not somewhere on a remote island or in a magic potion, lies hidden in the folds of your own spirit. The key to unlock it is in a conscience decision. It does not happen automatically. It results from an action.  The decision to live until you die or just to gradually die while living, is what it’s all about. At what time in your life you make this choice, is determined by how anxious you are to utilize your full available potential


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