Missing out?

“So looking forward to next week…” and till then? Do you just sit and stare at the sand in the hour glass, heaping up at the bottom? See that is the danger of loosing track of time. We tend to forget that when the sun sets today, it’s one less day of life. It shouldn’t be a negative thought, it should be the encouragement you need to pick up speed, to get active.

No,  wait…! This is not a doomsday sermon of “the end is nigh” it’s really an upper. The only way to get excited about life is to get to terms with your own mortality.  One exciting life to live. The urge to make the most of the next hour / day should be the driving force to accelerate my life tempo. Don’t miss out on all life has to offer.

How sad if tomorrow you have to say that you do not have anything to show for yesterday!

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