Inner or Outer?

Two types of people. Those who make things happen, and those to whom things happen. Actually there are two other types as well. Those who watch what happens and those who wonder what just happened, but I do not want to discuss this last group because they will not read this blog, they will just hear from it.

The first group I call “inner” and “outer” people. These two concepts refer to the “place” where ones motivation is based. Inside one self when your motivation is not dependent on external factors but grows from inner forces available.

“Outer” people rely on external forces for their motivation and actions. Either a threat or a promise of reward. This group typically has an attitude of non control over their life. They believe that fate has the ultimate say in their life. So, they wait for life to “happen” to them.

“Inner” people will read this and know they can determine the direction of their journey and they believe they can determine the destination. Now that is “motivation”.  This is life, take hold of it.

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