Now is the only time

One of the biggest drainers of positive energy is worry. Not strange that the word actually means “to strangle”. That sense of anxiety and premonition of pending danger or discomfort, are the indicators of the onset of this practice. It is bad enough if you worry about your own (possible) situation, but when you start to worry on behalf of others, then it really gets bad!

The only sure way of preventing this thief of energy, is to claim your space. This is where I am now and this is what I have to live with. This moment has to be the most important time of day. Remember, a dream is just the direction I’m heading towards. Now is the most important step to continue my journey in the set direction.

It is not shortsighted; it is keeping focus in my effort to invest in the present, ensuring a reaslisation of my dreams.  See, “won” is just a completed “now”

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