Accountable for my life

To accept responsibility for who I am and what I do, is one of the keys to personal growth. The big sin is not to make mistakes, but to repeat those mistakes. One of the defences of the plodders is to blame. “They did this” or “they are the reason for my failure”. Always someone else or something else’s fault. As long as this condition exists in a person, very little, if any, growth will take place.

“I am sorry”, the magic words to unlock the holding cell of failure. I think it’s the only way of escaping the grip of the blame game. Accountability becomes the healing process towards maturity. Acknowledge the truth that only corpses don’t make mistakes and the road to success is paved with failed efforts. It only becomes a problem when you keep on going back over the same paving. The first step towards reaching ones full potential is accepting responsibility for all my past choices. Good and bad.

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