A non-stick attitude

Attachment provides security, detachment gives freedom. True freedom for personal growth and coming of age lies in the ability to detach from the irreverent or insignificant.  This step relies on the wisdom to distinguish between those things of worth and those of unimportance.

Too much time is wasted on activities which has no developmental value to your life. Worrying over what might happen, drudging over lost opportunities or hating people who had some negative influence over your life. This is life wasted.

Train your eye to see your life in context of your surroundings. What value can you add to your space and the people who cross your path? Detach yourself from plans you have been carrying with you for the last how-many-years. Come up with new fresh ideas and set out to achieve those. Let go of regrets and set a new goal. Detach from those people who drain your energy. Run with the movers. Read something way above your league. Work on a non-stick attitude and practice smooth walking

Breaking out in new life

So often you find life in the most unexpected places. That plant you planted long ago saw it wither and neglected to die. Almost forgotten, then one day you see it, new growth. It is alive. Just that little indication of life usually is enough to kick your care and attention back into action.

If you keep on looking in your own life, you might discover the same indications of forgotten life. It may be a mere hint of potential, but it is there. It only needs some new attention and dedication to rekindle growth.

Perhaps the most significant contribution you can make to your world is to search for those hints of life in the makeup of your colleagues or people closest to you. A new intentional appraisal of those attributes in their life could just spark new development and a new lease of energy so badly needed.

Perceived death is often just growth in waiting.

Doors to growth

A closed door. Either the end of a road or just a concealed passage to a secret world of prospect.

It is not so much the door, but the promises beyond. The mystic of a closed door provides the stuff for infinite dreams of hidden treasures and unknown opportunities.  It just depends on your attitude towards challenges. Do you accept the perceived limits or do you test them to your potential?

So often we encounter closed doors on our journey towards our set goal and often we take it as an indication to alter direction.  Yet if you only pause, consider the “might be’s” you could discover the passage to unimagined options. Think beyond the door; dream up a vision of new, undiscovered rooms filled with interesting challenges. It could provide you with choices you have not yet considered. Closed doors are just dream generators to help you multiplying your options. So, stop, dream, go for it!

Looking for the new.

It is there. It shows itself everywhere. You just need to look for it with new eyes. Signs of the new. Whether it’s an indication of new growth seen in the struggling growth of a blade of grass appearing through a crack in the pavement. Or the obvious showing of its face in a newborn baby and the every day coming of the morning.

The surest way of tapping into a sustainable source of energy, is to develop the eye for the new. Train your eyes to see potential. Not to focus on the broken or the imperfections around us, but to actively seek promises of new growth. It is easy to spot those in the plant and animal world, but you need to develop a sense for it in the human world.

Look beyond the failures in personalities of those who cross your path and seek for that spark of possibility usually hidden deep within the character of each person. Once you find that, cultivate it by recognition thereof in their conduct. It is there…, just refocus your heart.

Take it or leave it

People will talk about you. That is part of social skill development, it seems. For some or other mysterious reason, especially our failures tend to become easy conversation fillers, when I am not there, that is. The higher your standing in the community the more the talk.

Gossip, like sound travels through walls, so, it is just a matter of time before the stories reaches my ears. What happens then, can influence to a large extend the ease with which I present myself.

The key in dealing with this is to develop discernment. To distinguish between true and false, important and trivial. To take it or leave it.  If it is true, do something about it, if not, use that negative energy to prove through your life the opposite.  Your own life is just too important to waste on an effort to win the favour of “gossip generators” (read losers). Live your life in the direction you aim, focus to listen with discernment and take it…, or leave it!

Time for a fix.

The way of least resistance would be to go with the argument that only children can change their personality. That’s the easy excuse for being immature. To hide behind the lie that my personality was irrevocably casted in the current form through my upbringing, cannot be true.

Every little baby born into this world starts off with potential. Whether that potential will develop to its full capacity, will depend on all the influences, their education, culture and ultimately their choices. Although negative influences could hamper the ease with which choices are made later in life, it cannot be the ultimate excuse for being a failure. It would be an absolute waste if you end up further back than you have started!

 It is never too late to regenerate your growth to maturity. This is done by consciously considering the level of your achieved capacity.  Actually an easy question: “Am I the person I know I can be?”