Take it or leave it

People will talk about you. That is part of social skill development, it seems. For some or other mysterious reason, especially our failures tend to become easy conversation fillers, when I am not there, that is. The higher your standing in the community the more the talk.

Gossip, like sound travels through walls, so, it is just a matter of time before the stories reaches my ears. What happens then, can influence to a large extend the ease with which I present myself.

The key in dealing with this is to develop discernment. To distinguish between true and false, important and trivial. To take it or leave it.  If it is true, do something about it, if not, use that negative energy to prove through your life the opposite.  Your own life is just too important to waste on an effort to win the favour of “gossip generators” (read losers). Live your life in the direction you aim, focus to listen with discernment and take it…, or leave it!

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