Looking for the new.

It is there. It shows itself everywhere. You just need to look for it with new eyes. Signs of the new. Whether it’s an indication of new growth seen in the struggling growth of a blade of grass appearing through a crack in the pavement. Or the obvious showing of its face in a newborn baby and the every day coming of the morning.

The surest way of tapping into a sustainable source of energy, is to develop the eye for the new. Train your eyes to see potential. Not to focus on the broken or the imperfections around us, but to actively seek promises of new growth. It is easy to spot those in the plant and animal world, but you need to develop a sense for it in the human world.

Look beyond the failures in personalities of those who cross your path and seek for that spark of possibility usually hidden deep within the character of each person. Once you find that, cultivate it by recognition thereof in their conduct. It is there…, just refocus your heart.

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