A non-stick attitude

Attachment provides security, detachment gives freedom. True freedom for personal growth and coming of age lies in the ability to detach from the irreverent or insignificant.  This step relies on the wisdom to distinguish between those things of worth and those of unimportance.

Too much time is wasted on activities which has no developmental value to your life. Worrying over what might happen, drudging over lost opportunities or hating people who had some negative influence over your life. This is life wasted.

Train your eye to see your life in context of your surroundings. What value can you add to your space and the people who cross your path? Detach yourself from plans you have been carrying with you for the last how-many-years. Come up with new fresh ideas and set out to achieve those. Let go of regrets and set a new goal. Detach from those people who drain your energy. Run with the movers. Read something way above your league. Work on a non-stick attitude and practice smooth walking

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