Life in concentrated form

Ever thought of what are the most important things in your life? Those things which you will be willing to die for. Perhaps you will respond quickly with: “my family”, “my faith” or “my life partner” or any other thing you can fill in. Never thought of it? Well, how can there be purpose in life if there is no driving force urging you on?

In order to concentrate my life towards meaning, I not only should know what I’m willing to die for, but at least what I’m willing to live for. Those are things I should spend the most time on. Not focusing only on the activities, but on the reason for doing what I do every day. My daily work cannot just be for the purpose of reimbursement in order to feed my children or pay my bills. There must be more. Even if I dislike some of the activities my occupation consist of, the overall reason for my working should surpass my basic needs.

Concentrated life is the way for achieving meaning and purpose in my existence.

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