When you die, people will not remember what you did, but who you were. Success is not about being the best among your peers, it is being the best you can be. Strange, but success is not so much about achievement, but more about fulfilment.

The true test for the quality of life you presented to this world during your stay comes when your character is dissected. What level of integrity could you reach? Was optimism one of the attributes you shared with your fellow travellers, and to what degree did you model humility to your children?

The measure of fulfilment is determined by the constant choosing of the right behaviour. When you make optimism an obvious part of your attitude in your daily interaction with others you become a habitual optimist who inspire those around you. If you want to be remembered as a friendly person, you need to become friendly at some stage in your life. It is not about perfection, it’s about direction.

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