Pleasurize life.

By now you should know that the quality of your life is really in your own hands.  To wait for life to get better is a futile exercise. To be a spectator how “others” enjoy their life, seems to be one of the most boring and unfulfilling activities you could engage in.  Enjoyment is  self inflicted.

Pleasures are those things you need to allow yourself for the mere fact that you survived another day on this planet. Enjoyment is generated by engaging consciously in activities which bring you joy.

You cannot plan the next  day / week without allocating enough time for the things which make you really happy. It is not going to “happen”, you have to make it happen.

This is the one life you have; it should be the happiest life you live. Create stories of joy about times shared with those you love. Pleasurize your life. Start doing the things you like doing most. Fill your work environment with pockets of pleasure. Transform your times at home to moments of bliss. The best of all…, the ingredients of happiness is available and it is free.


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