Down with the Strangulation Prophets.

I call them strangulation prophets. They just love it to bring bad news. They also do not like it when something good comes from any other source but themselves. The language they use is called Critish and they usually start their sentences with “…yes but…,”. If you allow them to, they will rob you of all your selftrust and eventually happiness. Enough said about “them”!

It is some kind of natural law or something. Attitude equals level of happiness. The more positives you look for in the people around you the more you find it. And the more you find it, the happier you become. The only answer to counter negative inputs from the strangulation prophets is to respond only in the positive mode. Don’t feel robbed of your selfesteem due to personal criticism.

Understand that when you feel the wind from the front, you are moving in the right direction. Then is the time to accelerate on your way to your goal. Greatness does not come by holding back. Pick up speed by searching for the good, the right and the positive.

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