Make space

This is the essence of our stay on this planet. My space. The piece of land where I can live my life and dream my dreams. Even more important than the physical space where I can place my feet and rest my head, is the emotional and spiritual space I need to be creative. The easier part of claiming my space, is determining where I stand. What are the things I consider my “bottom line” or principles. Those things I feel strong about and which define me as individual. The more difficult, but equal important part of shaping my space is to create space. For others, that is. Acknowledging the opinion of others you share the communal spaces with. To create space for others to differ from you and not to fight for that space. You can work with someone who does not share your views. You can (and should!) have friends who stand their own ground with their own outlook. Fighting another person’s beliefs shrinks your space and theirs. It drains you of energy and deprives you of growth. Make space, lots of space.

2 comments on “Make space

  1. marni says:

    I need to work on “making space for those I don’t get along with”.. 🙂

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