Wide angle view.

The wider the angle the more the light. That principle determines the quality of a picture in the photographic genre. It is also true about your outlook on your surroundings. If you have an attitude of curiosity towards life and the people you share your space with, this very principle will light up your spirit.

The converse is also true. The more you focus only on your perspective, the smaller your word becomes. The smaller your aperture the less light reaches your heart. The more your sight excludes, the less understanding of your world. That in itself leads to wisdom impairment which stalks you like a slow-growing illness.

An ever-increasing awareness of the broader picture is the recipe for emergent understanding and ultimately, wisdom. Especially those things which usually fall outside the boundaries of your interests or even beliefs. Yes, it demands courage from your side to consider that which is beyond your comfort area, but that is what growth and progress is all about. Widen your angle, let in the light.

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