For some or other reason, we as humans are inclined to find the tiny cracks in the most beautiful artwork. As if we were wired to find the mistakes, look for the weaknesses and discover the hidden darkness. The sad part about that is all the light we miss and the abundance of splendor we fail to discover.

As in any other art form, light-finding needs practice and dedication. We all have it. It is just hidden somewhere in your being. The art of finding the light. Discovering the positive in the midst of the broken. Even in the personality of those irritating people you work with, you can find it. It depends on your willingness to keep on looking for the light.

A simple test to determine your level of light-finding is to focus on what you observe while stuck in the morning traffic, or waiting in the queue that doesn’t seem to move. Force yourself to find the light. Light-finders live longer.


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