The right height.

For perspective you need height. There is an optimum distance above an object or landscape which gives you the right dimension and perception. Too low and you lose width of horizon. Too high and you miss out on important detail. Success is to figure out in life what the best position would be for your outlook.

It is called to excel in life. This word literally means “out from high / tower”. To observe life from the perfect height gives you the edge. Excel towards excellence would be the proses through which you distinguish between the detail and the horizon. Ever sifting through the detail, leaving behind the insignificant and gathering what is needed on the journey towards the horizon.

Reaching and keeping that perfect position is the quest towards excellence. Constantly adjusting to keep the balance between detail and horizon requires a progressive improvement of your own position. 

Keeping a safe distance from the trivia helps determining your direction in pursuing excellence. That’s a life of excellence.

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