Transform not transport

Reality of life, even for those who made the choice to be terminally well, is that it is not possible to feel well all the time. There are times when you experience discomfort due to what happens around you or because of bad choices you have made. These forces impacting on your emotional well-being should be dealt with before they can germinate and start to grow into self-pity or even depression. The recipe for effectively transforming this (potentially) negative force into positive energy consist of mainly two actions. One, identify the exact cause of your discomfort. Name those emotional gremlins and file them. Secondly, localize them. If the discomfort came about at work, why transport them all the way back home to allow them to keep on stealing your energy and that of those who need to endure your presence in such a state. A bad encounter with your boss which left you with feelings of self-doubt or even embarrassment should not spill over into your family environment. Life should be worth living, for you and those associating with you. Change the foul, don’t move it.

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