The tidal view

It is in the tide. Every day, all across the world, the shores are subjected to the coming and going of the tides. Whether we are there or not it happens. Depending on the weather over the oceans, the severity of the impact of the tides varies. That is a law of nature that’s been around since the beginning of time.

The sooner we discover the similarity with our own life, the sooner we get to understand happiness and sorrow. No life exists with only joy. There will also be the pulling forces of the outgoing tide when discomfort, unhappiness and even sorrow tug on our soul. During those times we need to remind ourselves of the incoming tide when joy, pleasure and happiness washes off all the traces of the storm off the beach of our being. Leaving a clean piece of life where the footprints of the past are barely visible.

This view on life, keeps hope alive, and gives an encouragement to live forward through the tides.

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