Winter waiting

It all slows down with the cold. It is nature’s way to assure rest, recuperation and preparing for new growth with the change of the season. Gathering the leaves always seems a never-ending chore, yet one day you realize there is no foliage left on the trees. Then you know there will be a short time of rest, a time of silence when the rustling of the leaves are gone and the wind has a free passage through the branches.

Winter is time for rest and regrouping. An inward contemplation after the rush.  A season of inner adjustment in anticipation of new energy and growth. This is the time to dream up new ideas. But wait; don’t be too eager to react to this new impetus. Wait, and like the trees, keep forcing the energy till it is time to burst out in new growth.

There is so much sense in synchronizing one’s life with the rhythm of nature. Resting, waiting, forcing….  And then the action.

One comment on “Winter waiting

  1. Seba says:

    The hurt and the crying are part of the greiving process Dawn, there’s no easy way through it, missing a loved one (human or our pets).Your lovely Dakota and your grandfather both want you to remember all the good times you had together, not dwell on perhaps a mistake or two you made along the way, if you did.We all make mistakes and have regrets, again just being human. I had to stop beating myself up’ lately, for some of the regrets and mistakes’ I thought Id made along the way. It serves no purpose.Sending you a big hug and do take care, G

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