Wisdom memory.

Every day of life adds a measure of experience and memory. As one learns to walk you accumulate muscle-memory and walking becomes an almost automatic action for the body. Training this memory, increases the effectiveness of the specific action and allows you to focus on other, more advanced activities like thinking, inventing, developing and mental advancement.

This is true also for the emotional and ethical development during your span of life. Each decision (wise or unwise) leaves a trace in your being. All these traces, should, if you have an observant and learning spirit, gradually form a natural path in the direction of wisdom. Wisdom eventually comes to the honest and vigilant soul. While stumbling through the obstacles of errors and un-thought-through choices, you should allow the muscle-memory for doing the wise thing develops. By repeating the wisdom it becomes the natural way of your life.

Conscience alertness and an objective view of yourself improve the tempo of growing wisdom memory.

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