Behold your monuments

The first step in any race is always backwards. To get grip for the takeoff. Athletes make use of starting blocks to utilize that backward force. The best example though is the enormous downward (backwards-) thrust you see at the launch of a rocket. Without grip you are not going anywhere.

In dealing with challenges, the way to prevent stalling is to readjust your footing, back to the comfort of the known. Where you know your strength is. When you run into difficulties always refer back to your own historical successes. Those times you also thought you are not going to make it, and yet, here you are.

Visit your own monuments from time to time, reflect on the power within and allow it to kick back in. Refrain from grasping forward, for the future has no certainties. Your past has the acquired skills and wisdom not only to make it, but to be victorious.

Just pause a while and consider the monuments along your road.

5 comments on “Behold your monuments

  1. Bo says:

    I’m updating my blog reader and came across this post as I was adding your blog URL. It’s awesome…

  2. Bo says:

    Dunno why i came up as anonymous in my previous comment. It’s me, wondering if you have a Twitter handle…

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