Time is a myth

Time is a MythThe biggest possible squander  we can manage is that of energy, our own energy. A few clichés we so often hear are actually misnomers. “Wasting my time” or “time is money”. Time cannot be wasted, only energy can be spent. So strange that “time” grew its own personality. It became a force and a commodity. Yet, time is just a unit of infinity created by us to program life.

Once you start to think in terms of energy and not time, life gets a total new content. Not how much time you spend, but how you utilize the energy available. Surely you cannot “waste” time, only misuse / abuse available energy. Not how much time is left, but what level of energy am I capable of.  Time cannot run out, only energy can.  Rest, play and relax regenerate energy. Creativity guides energy and enthusiasm determines the intensity.

Use some energy to reflect on the proficiency of your energy spent this past year. Spend some energy to plan the distribution of your energy in the near future.

One comment on “Time is a myth

  1. Anonymous says:

    I rely find that very inspiring …thank you …makes you think …If you want to ..

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