True wisdom is achieved when you grew the skill of insight. This can only be realized we you focus throughout your life in understanding the moment you live in. A definition from the 1580’s explaining insight as the ability of  “penetrating understanding into character or hidden nature”.


It is this expertise which makes it possible to live and work with those people you just cannot seem to like. Those ones who’s mannerisms or attitude release the irritation into your system. Although not your choice, you still have to share a work space.

We often think good relationships mean to like everybody around you. Not likely! The key to sound interpersonal

interaction is the development of “insight” into the character of the others. To accept the fact of variety and gain awareness of the uniqueness of those in my proximity.

Laugh (in your heart!) for the amusing, shrug off the weirdness and appreciate the positive. Encourage positive development by appraising the virtues you witness. Work on your insight and the others become more tolerable as you grow.

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