Darkness rules

ImageThe notion that light is “good” and darkness “bad”, came into our way of thinking somewhere in the distant, dark past. The association of “darkness” with evil and death is a sad one. In nature nighttime is the time for recuperation, inward growth and energy stockpiling.

In life we need to learn that times of slowness, when we feel joy deprived or isolated from the rest of the world, that’s the time for building and storing and growth.

The lifecycle of a bulb flower is the best example of this process. After a warm summer where no visible life was evident, the cold, darkness of winter releases the energy for new growth. It is the darkness that provides the stimulus for letting loose the potential.

Periods of life when happiness seems distant, warmth absent and solitude the mode of being, is when we need to draw on the inner energy that was accumulated during times of brightness. Hidden deep inside is the possibility of transformation ready for revealing itself. During the dark hours, go deep, it is there.

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