Pieces of peace

A piece of Peace

A piece of Peace

“War for the sake of peace” perhaps one of those contradictions we speak to legitimize our need to express ourselves with violence. Often we lack the vocabulary to put in words our frustration with our own incompetence concerning the creation of a peaceful environment. We need to bomb or fight or kill do convince others that peace is the better option.

Although we crave for a life of peace in the comfort of our known world, we battle to even create a little piece of peace our own small slice of the world.

So, we cannot secure world peace, but at least we can work on our own setting. The chunk of hatred I carry within me, the hurt ego caused by unfair treatment or the damaging power I inflict with my un-budging prejudices.

Is it too much to look for ways to ensure peace around me through caring, forgiving and accepting? Do we really have to use the sound of explosions or the smell of death to make life better? Today, bring a piece of peace to your world.

One comment on “Pieces of peace

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dankie Q, vir die waar woorde. Vrede. Albert

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