Free does not come cheap

In order to get the most out of life, one needs to grasp the extent of your own capacity. It implies the acknowledgement of your personal limitations as well as the boundaries, which secures your place in society. Then only you can start to live in freedom.
In essence, freedom is a forced state where one needs to constantly remind oneself that a free will is not a license to disorder and egocentric satisfying of your personal desires. It is a choice to harmonize your own existence with that of your environment. Aligning your willingness to add value to society while expressing oneself in a way that defines your being.
This comes at a price. Your willingness to suppress your own destructive aspirations, the giving up of actions which can hurt, offend or deprive others of their freedom. Once you pay this price freedom starts. Free does not come cheap, as with any other investment one hopes to reap the dividends of.

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