Harvest goodness

Early in life one learns that life is cyclical where joy and sadness, happiness and anxiety follow in each other’s footsteps. The sooner you accept that fact, the better for your own quality of life. Interesting, though, that most emotional energy is generated during or just after times of sadness. So many poets and authors find their inspiration in their own hurt and the pain of others.

We often neglect the opportunity to utilize the creative power of the good, the fine and the cheerful. Joy should be mused on with more intent and awareness. From joyous times one ought to gather and stockpile the memories for later use.

Why is it that we can recall so well, in detail, our sorrows from the past, but fail to keep track of all the nice and good and laughter and sharing of good times with friends.

Postpone the melancholy, nurture joy.  Harvest goodness while it yields. Store it in stories captured in pictures we make of our happiness. Joy last longer if you remember it!Harvest Goodness

One comment on “Harvest goodness

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dankie Q,die woorde val reg!

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