Anticipation of a future state of happiness and serenity fills much of our ideas of what and how we “one day” would like to be. As if we just have to endure the discomfort of the present and then some day will achieve or arrive at that state we so long for.


What a waste of precious time of enjoyment. Contentment is a state of mind generated by a deep sense of gratitude for what I have. In fact, in its root form “contentment” means

to “hold together” or to “enclose”. The development of a sense of satisfaction requires the constant focus on where I am at this very moment. To concentrate on what is precious for me here and now. It might be not much, but it is mine. To hold together what is mine and allow it to enclose me and make me feel safe.

It does not ignore the ambition to develop or grow towards something more, but it never compares with others. If we achieve this, serenity becomes the attitude of contentment.

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