Avoid shortcuts

Life is too short to take shortcuts. The deadly poison of falling in the rut of daily routines is a slow but sure killer of your unique ability of creativity. Getting so used to live your life in the usual way. The tempo of our existence is determined by the schedule of our travels to and from work. Habitual routine of daily errands predicts ones experience of life.

By the very nature of our being, we are programmed to discover, invent and learn. Shortcuts dull our ability to discover new places and find No Shortcutfresh experiences. Leave earlier, take a different route to work, change your early morning and late night routine and try to complete at least one routine task in a different way than usual.

Just for once take the longer course, intensify your experience of the mundane. Drink your coffee while actually sitting down, in a different chair than usual. Brush your teeth with your “weak” hand and eat cake for breakfast. Allow yourself the indulgence of the unusual.