Yes! to No.

Yes to NoSomewhere, somehow, someone decided that “yes” is positive and “no” is negative. Perhaps a board of elders came to this conclusion after many days of deliberation. Deep in our inner most consciousness it is imbedded that pleasing others by always saying “yes” is a good thing. Saying “no” means you do not care about them.

In believing thus, your own demise is just a small price to pay in order to satisfy the ego and needs of everybody around you. When will we learn that saying “no” could be the beginning of a great life of freedom, productivity and growth?

The ability to determine what is now the best thing to do comes with time and wisdom. It is not disloyal to sometimes say “no” even to your boss. When the request / instruction is to the disadvantage of the greater good of your organization or yourself, say “no”. The principle is that whenever an instruction from above results in the non-completion of the current “most-important”, the answer in “no”.

The accumulation of “more-important” instructions in an ever-increasing in-box is usually a sign of over elaborated micro management by incompetent bosses.

Now is the time to say, “Yes” to “no”!

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