Moment memorials

The stepping-stones towards my future are grounded in my past. The positive steps I take are powered by the good experiences, which define me. Growth can only be achieved if those good memories are valued and remembered.Moment memorials

As a love-token like a ring or a charm serves as a reminder of something or someone more than the symbol itself, we need constant reminders of great experiences or feelings in our past. These become the strengths from where we draw the courage to give the next step.

Somewhere in your past, you erected a memorial as a symbol of that moment. A love letter, a padlock on a bridge or a cairn on a hiking trail. A reminder of good times or the expression of a deep emotion, eternalize with a symbol. Perhaps you never get to visit that place again or read that letter again, but it will always be there to encourage you.

Mark your achievements, your moments of emotional connection with a soul mate or that decisive resolution with a symbol. Mark your moments

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