Focus through.

Focus throughThere is a point in every big project when you get that anxious feeling of; “I will never be able to finish this…”. In all truth, there is another moment that comes much earlier and which is even scarier, when you realize; “now, I will have to go through with this”. In both instances it is too late to bail out.

It is not that you did not plan properly or thought it through, it is just that the magnitude only becomes clear the further you move beyond the point of no-return. The difference between failing and success lies in not giving in to that moment of helplessness. Just do the next thing, take the next step and focus on that one activity within your reach.

Understanding that each action completed brings you closer to the final product. After all, that is how we work towards hope. Creating fixed points of completion that serve as encouragement to endure the frustration of not seeing the end result, ……. yet.