Work towards influence

The DiverReaching your goal is an achievement and should leave you with a sense of success. Yet, to reach your goal should just be a small part of the result of the effort. It is what you gained in terms of growth during the process that is worth far more than the mere completion of your planned labour.

What new insights have you gained about yourself and of your world, while exerting your energy and skills to accomplish whatever you’ve been working on.

Every activity needs to produce at least three results: first an insight into your own experience towards growth and progress. What have you gained in going through the motions to reach the goal, an awareness of the effect this activity had on you.

The second outcome should be a mindfulness of the effect your venture had on the people and world around you. After all success is measured not by levels of achievement, but quantities of influence.

Lastly, the ultimate question is “was it worth the effort?” when any activity becomes “just a job to be done” it becomes a thief of your growth-potential, a waste of time and a loss of a learning experience.

Labour for growth, toil for achievement and work for influence.

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