Grow your own.

IMG_2378“So what if it’s not perfect? It comes from my garden”. An achievement in itself. A deep-rooted craving for the realization of a hidden goal. To see the fruit of my own effort and dedication. Whether it is tangible like the yield from your own vegetable patch, or a creative thought beginning to become a reality in your mind.

The reward is not so much in the fact of what I accomplished, but the knowledge that I did it on my own. The test is not if it’s perfect, it is also not compared to any-thing or any-body. I overcame my own limitations; I conquered my laziness and lack of self-belief.

Therein lies my success. “I did it my way…” and it reveals something of my soul. I have something to show for allowing the creative spirit in me to escape from the clutches of procrastination and disbelief in my own potential. Become driven to present some produce from your own being, something you created.

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