Sense and Sensibility

In a time of lockdown and international challenges, the one prevailing emotion is the feeling of loss of control. In our efforts to re-claim some form of power, we dig into reasons for our predicament, grab unto conspiracy theories or try to figure out how we could get back to “normal’.  It is such a pointless waisting of better to be used time, a futile exercise. Normal will be new and totally different.

Making sense of life and acting sensible during these unusual times should be one’s sole aim. The best one can do is to sharpen your awareness of your unique situation. An inward search of what really are the real and enduring beliefs that got you so far in life. You might find that those are the only lasting things that can help you to take the first steps towards the new normal.

Sensibility would be to take control of your environment and stay out of reach of the Virus – as far as possible.  Also, to creatively look into the future and start planning something new. Waiting for things to get better is only delaying a new start.

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