I am Quintus. I learnt about life through intense experiencing of both the joyful and the challenging.
I witnessed the birth of both of my children and stood by the side of many dying men and women. I have not seen it all, just enough to know that we only have one life to live.
I grab every joy that crosses my path. I make a point to look twice, just in case I missed something. When I die, my senses will be filled to capacity. So much have I enjoyed life, the effects of my experiences will last an eternity. That is how I live.

Terminally well. This is how I am. By choice, in a time life seemed to abandon me. I decided to live till I die. I draw life from the soil of Africa and focus to grasp every grain of joy this world has to offer.

9 comments on “About

  1. Maryna Fouche says:

    Besluit ek sal jou in jou “joyful journey” join…. 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dankie, Quintus. Ek lees elke keer lekker. Ek leer nog steeds by jou!

  3. annemie says:

    hi my name is annemie and tried to end my life on saterday. hopeing this will help me get the support i need

    • Quintus says:

      In your hands you hold the choice to live. Rethink the story of your life up till now. Now consider all the things you deem as strengths, abilities and skills you’ve acquired throughout life. How can you put that to use for the benefit of those around you. You will be amazed how that could lift your energy levels.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Annemie… you go girl!! You are brave and you are loved. Keep well!!!

    • annemie says:

      Hi all , thank you seem like my whole life changed in just one day.Happy to report doing he day for day thing.

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