My Legacy-will

Left behind

It is not what I can consume but what I leave behind which is significant. Achievement is not what I manage to collect for myself, but what I can provide as a result of my efforts. At the end of it all the true test will be what impact I had on my social environment and on the world in general.

A parasitic attitude of selfish acquiring, drains the pool of sharing. Consumerism depletes the resources that were meant for the general good for all. Before you can even start to ask the question; “What is my purpose in life?”, you need to make it out for yourself what you want to leave behind.

A decision about one’s own legacy provides a focus on your ambition. Then, every aspect of life becomes a driver towards meaningfulness. A suitable starting point would be to formulate a “legacy-will” towards which, one can live purposefully.

Open-up options.

dsc00121Growth has to do with the creation of options. Once you run out of choices, there’s not much to live for any longer. Functional and happy people are those who manage to create options in life. This ability is embedded in the human DNA and it is one of the skills that separate us from the other creatures we share our world with.

But unlike other natural abilities, this is one, when neglected, it fades into obscurity.

There are mainly two ways of ensuring progression in this area. The first being the constant development of the number of skills you have. While keeping those you possess active, learn something new every year. The increase of abilities is direct proportionate to the number of options you have in life.

The second is to develop an eye for the gap. The skill to see an opportunity needs to be trained and nurtured.

Having options put one in a position of power, the power of choice.


The next step

IMG_2689Fear is the energy you need to advance. Our fight or flight energy is coiled within us, waiting to be released. It is inherent to every living creature. Especially true in us as humans. This is the reason why we’ve made it thus far to the top of the food chain.

This is the latent driving force, which can either destroy or develop. Utilizing this fear in a positive way is called courage. Unleashing this underlying power is essential for progress and ultimately success.

Overcoming one’s fear allow you to discover, venture out of the comfort zone and grow. To reach the top, you need to take every challenging step into the unknown. Remaining in what you know kills ambition and restrains forward movement. The test will be the level of uneasiness you feel before taking the next step. Total ease might indicate only activity, but little or no progress like running on a treadmill. Apprehension should be the trigger that you need to set the hidden energy off. Courage is the ability to break through the barriers of doubt.

The angle matters.

LightIt depends on the angle whether you will be able to see the rainbow. It is there, it is always there, but for your observation point it remains hidden. Two things are important in this process, one’s own position and the awareness to spot the light.

To be “in the right place at the right time” one has to pre-determine your position towards life in general. The angle at which you look at opportunities and difficulties will govern your view towards the environment. What might seem like problems or failures to some may reveal itself as an opportunity if seen from the right angle.

The awareness to spot the light from your angle just might show the rainbow against the insignificant background. In business or relationships the angle regulates one’s response. Opportunities are always there; it is often just hidden by false reflections of darkness. Changing your angle could allow you to spot the possibilities in the testing times. Once you developed the habit of consciously placing yourself at the right angle, it becomes easier to grow an awareness to opportunities.

Decadent energy

Life through decayEnergy is indestructible. This is what science teaches us. It can only be changed in another form of energy or made available for alternative use. In the natural world, growth depends on energy made available through a myriad of ways. In all cases however, the process involves the breakdown of something to avail the energy. In nature life thrives on decay because of this very reason.

So often we miss the opportunity to seize the moment because we wait for “things” to get better. In times of hardship or pressure, when our world falls apart we tend to withdraw and wait for our energy to return. One big mistake! The best songs are composed during times of disappointment or grief. Great books are born out of brokenness and the rot of destruction. Best ideas rise out of the chaos of war, or natural disasters.

This is indeed true of personal growth too. Most people will not change unless they end up in a mess or find themselves in an impossible position. Learn to understand the potential that’s locked up in frustration and disappointment.

Use to your advantage the energy released by decay and breakdown of the status quo.

This is who I am

Me among the restThe day I die, I will be remembered for who I was and not for what I did. Legacy lies not in greatness of deeds, but in pureness of character. In every step we walk in life, something lingers behind like an aroma it follows us. It is not the deed of kindness or the word of truth that will define me, but the strength and endurance of my character. The “who I really am when nobody is watching”.

My obituary will be made up of character qualities I displayed on an unfailing way throughout my life. Especially during times of pressure.

The true test is not in the guise I wear every day to impress those around me, it is in the persistence of growth in my character.

I can never outgrow the potential of improvement in the essence of who I am. This is the quintessence of our being, what separates us from the rest of the universe.

Work towards influence

The DiverReaching your goal is an achievement and should leave you with a sense of success. Yet, to reach your goal should just be a small part of the result of the effort. It is what you gained in terms of growth during the process that is worth far more than the mere completion of your planned labour.

What new insights have you gained about yourself and of your world, while exerting your energy and skills to accomplish whatever you’ve been working on.

Every activity needs to produce at least three results: first an insight into your own experience towards growth and progress. What have you gained in going through the motions to reach the goal, an awareness of the effect this activity had on you.

The second outcome should be a mindfulness of the effect your venture had on the people and world around you. After all success is measured not by levels of achievement, but quantities of influence.

Lastly, the ultimate question is “was it worth the effort?” when any activity becomes “just a job to be done” it becomes a thief of your growth-potential, a waste of time and a loss of a learning experience.

Labour for growth, toil for achievement and work for influence.

Focus through.

Focus throughThere is a point in every big project when you get that anxious feeling of; “I will never be able to finish this…”. In all truth, there is another moment that comes much earlier and which is even scarier, when you realize; “now, I will have to go through with this”. In both instances it is too late to bail out.

It is not that you did not plan properly or thought it through, it is just that the magnitude only becomes clear the further you move beyond the point of no-return. The difference between failing and success lies in not giving in to that moment of helplessness. Just do the next thing, take the next step and focus on that one activity within your reach.

Understanding that each action completed brings you closer to the final product. After all, that is how we work towards hope. Creating fixed points of completion that serve as encouragement to endure the frustration of not seeing the end result, ……. yet.

Law-less is more

Law-lessLaw-less is more. Living by the letter of the law might make you look good in the eyes of those around you. It will also be seen as the right thing to do by society. It could even be said to be the core ingredient to an orderly and peaceful community. Yet, true freedom is something else. Real peace does not germinate in the knowledge of the laws and regulations in which boundaries we should live. It comes from growing an inner capacity for doing what is right and virtuous. The motivation to do what is right and the commitment to add value to life should come from within. Not forced by the law, or regulated by supervisors, but warranted by a conviction of what is right and worthy. To know the law is just the beginning. To live your commitment is the ultimate way of expressing your freedom. An inner peace which forms the foundation of true happiness.